‘unfogging’ the brain fog

Accepting the fact that out of no reason at all, keeping away from any kind of vindication and believing the fact that your reaction was dumb and not sharp of whatever the reasons were and that you were doing nothing but acting dead at the moment *referring to multiple dumb instances of events that happened […]


Respect, Care, Sincerity, Honesty, Openness (WORTH CONSIDERING I GUESS), Integrity, Empathy, Kindness, Good sense of humor, Deen, Namazein prtaa ho (THIS WAS MOST TRIGERRING FOR ME), Mature, Should not be aggressive, Intelligence, The way he approached, Beauty یہ کچھ جواب ملے تھے جب لوگوں کے answers  پڑھے توسوچ رہی تھی سب کتنے Conscious ہیں یہ […]

Reflections On Clear Speech

Qao’lan sadidh is a clear direct and truthful speech without hurting anyone. Sometimes people communicate through their rude body language or even expressions (like rolling eyes etc I hate this the most) or by saying InshaAllah or diplomatic answer to a yes no question. Qao’lan sadidh is a Clear transparent and truthful speech that serves […]

Hurt People Hurt People

NPD – Narcissist Personality Disorder Revealed So, I used to read topics on psychology on different various sites as I have great interest in reading human behavioral related topics to get to know WHY and HOW human behave and react in a certain way in particular situations and what is the root cause of that […]

Share your sentiments

I believe in the expression of emotions. I choose to express as sometimes it is really difficult to have all the emotions inside of your heart. Bombardments of negative thoughts or ill feelings are so easy to develop once you are surrounded by negative people.  A stage comes when negativity surrounds you and you believe […]

I fear attachments, do you?

Have you ever been in situation when you think you are attached unconsciously to someone it can be any person you spent some time with or a moment or it can be anyone your family member or even your siblings or your loved ones yet you fear for it? The fear of attachments that one […]

Controlling your temper

Today’s khutbah is about fragments of one khutbah in the Quran. It’s a very heavy subject. I would to call it the subject of anger and losing one’s temper. This is something that offers like other many subjects of Allah’s book oversimplified. Off-course we all know that anger is not a good thing, and we […]

Story Of Musa (A.S)

Today’s khutbah begins with a scene from the life of Musa (A.S). There are few ayahts that I like to share with you in a scene that will depict you that belongs to Surah Shura. To kept everybody with the scene, Musa (A.S) When he was a young man. He was brought up in the […]